You are currently viewing 1: EP152: CARL RADKE – Recovery and Self-Discovery

1: EP152: CARL RADKE – Recovery and Self-Discovery

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This week I am so excited to welcome back entrepreneur, reality TV star, and my personal sober icon Carl Radke to the Solace and the City podcast! Carl first was a guest back in February of 2023, right as I was beginning my journey to sobriety. Back when we first spoke, I asked Carl if his company, Loverboy, would ever branch out into the N/A world with their spiked sparkling teas. You can imagine my excitement when I saw Carl announce that Loverboy was expanding into the N/A market a few months back!

In this episode, Carl and I talk about the various hurdles that one is faced with as they navigate their first, second, and third years of sobriety. Carl shares about how he is able to stay sober while being one of the main faces of an alcohol company and also provides tips on how to set yourself up for success while living a sober lifestyle.

I feel so blessed to have had Carl on my podcast not once, but twice! You can follow his journey on Instagram by following him @carlradke, and I highly encourage you to check out his website The Radke Boys. Here Carl shares his full sobriety story and provides resources for those who may be struggling. Finally, you can find Loverboys (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions) in stores near you!

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