1: Lucie Fink on Pursuing Passion Projects Professionally

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I couldn’t think of a better first guest for the Solace and the City Season 2 premiere than the one and only Lucie Fink!  Lucie and I missed each other by one year at Johns Hopkins, but she is well-known throughout the school for being one of the most successful alumni in recent years.  Safe to say I was beyond exited and honored to record with her!  In this episode, Lucie talks about her journey from an inspiring doctor to a YouTube sensation, and all of the things she did along the way to turn her dream into a reality.  Instead of letting negative comments on her media channels bring her down, Lucie talks about he fascination with “troll psychology” which led her to a very interesting Zoom call.  Lastly, Lucie shares her love story with her high school sweetheart, whom she just celebrated her one year anniversary with!  You can follow Lucie on Instagram at @luciebfink or see all of her videos on YouTube!

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