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10: ILANA DUNN – Dating Sucks (But It Doesn’t Have To!)

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I am TOTALLY fangirling, because this past weekend I got to sit down and record with the host of one of my favorite dating podcasts, Ilana Dunn! Ilana is such a badass — she went from a successful career in the music industry to working directly with Nick Jonas, and then ultimately she landed a job which essentially made her the face of Hinge. (Anyone heard of it?) Working for a dating app helped Ilana realize how much of an impact she could have by helping the hopelessly romantic navigate the murky, tumultuous waters of dating in NYC. She opened up about her personal breakups and heartbreaks to help show people that they were not alone in their romantic struggles. Now, Ilana channels her compassion for helping people into her awesome podcast, Seeing Other People! You can check our Ilana on Instagram @ilana.dunn and listen to Seeing Other People wherever you find your podcasts!

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