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11: CHLOE VEITCH – Too Hot To Handle (Alcohol)

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Today marks my first year of sobriety, and so it feels only fitting that I share a conversation with someone who was an integral part of my journey to recovery. Chloe Veitch is an icon — not only is she a model, media personality, and popular host, but also a star on multiple Netflix shows including Too Hot To Handle, The Circle, and Perfect Match. At only 24 years of age, Chloe is wise beyond her years. In this episode, Chloe shares her journey to sobriety which began at a time of personal, professional, and global tumult. We chat about how the drinking culture in the United Kingdom compares to the American tendency to binge and where reality television comes into play. Chloe truly is as kind, funny, and charismatic as she appears on the screens. I could not be more grateful to her and all of the other people who have acted as beacons of light as I navigated the murky waters of sobriety over the past twelve months.

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