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11: NIGEL ROXBURY – These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

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These past few weeks I have been home for the holidays, which means I have been spending a lot of my time in New York City.  As some of you know, I started this podcast in many ways to help me find my place in the concrete jungle after a pretty lonely year of my life.  Solace and the City was instrumental in bringing me out of my shell and helping me re-fall in love with New York.  I truly never thought I would leave.  Unfortunately, living in the city during the first year of a global pandemic brought back the feeling of all-consuming loneliness, and not even my podcast could make that go away.  When I moved to Austin, I still had a feeling of anger and resentment towards a place that was once my favorite city in the world.  However, these past few weeks have shed light on how much I truly missed New York and why I fell in love with the city in the first place.  It’s safe to say that being in NYC has truly allowed me to be home for the holidays.
This week I was so lucky to sit down with content creator and New York City enthusiast, Chris Murch (a.k.a. Nigel Roxbury.)  Despite originally moving from Austin (Hook ‘Em!), Chris has always been fascinated by the story behind the most interesting and historical city in the country.  He thus started making Tik Tok content to share his knowledge about NYC, which has quickly made him one of the top New York Specific creators on the platform.  His passion and love for the city is infectious, and I feel truly honored to have had the opportunity to learn from him.  To keep up with Chris, you can follow him on Instagram or Tik Tok @nigelroxbury — and be sure to check out his music as well!

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