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12: JACQUELINE TRUMBULL – Will You Accept This Trauma?

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This week I had ANOTHER absolutely incredible conversation with Jacqueline Trumbull! Jacqueline is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology at Duke University and was able to share her insight into some very important mental health topics. Being that Jacqueline is both a psychology student and a Bachelor alum, she is able to speak to the ways in which the franchise commercializes vulnerability in a way that’s unhealthy for all parties involved. We discuss the differences between authentic vulnerability and oversharing and how these two forms of communication impact our platonic and romantic relationships. Jacqueline also has a mental health podcast called A Little Help For Our Friends, where she offers advice on how to speak to and care for loved ones with mental illness. To learn more about Jacqueline and her podcast, follow @Trumbullina on Instagram!

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