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13: SATC and TMM – Unpacking 2021

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Happy New Year, Solace and the City Family!  This week we have a very special crossover episode with Schuyler DeBree and Kat Zempolich of The Mental Matchup!  Together we took some time to reflect on this past year and some things that we learned from the various guests we brought on to our respective podcasts. We discuss the common threads between our missions, the topics that kept popping up, our thoughts on the mental health stigma and how everyone copes differently, some of our favorite episodes and guests, and our intentions for the new year.  This episode does not merely showcase a reflection on our podcasts, but it also highlights the ways in which we all have changed as individuals over the past year, and how we plan to move forward in podcasting and in life.  Make sure to follow @morgansmessage and @thementalmatchup on Instagram and listen to The Mental Matchup wherever you get your podcasts!

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