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15: SARAH MERRILL HALL – Big Kid Solutions

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This week I had the incredible honor of speaking with Sarah Merrill Hall, the creator of the popular brand and podcast, Big Kid Problems!  For those who don’t know, @Bigkidproblems started as an anonymous Twitter account from the basement of Sarah’s sorority house during her senior year of college. Applying for jobs and realizing that she was less-than-prepared for adult life, Big Kid Problems became an outlet and one of Sarah’s favorite hobbies. Eight years and over 500k followers later, Big Kid Problems has been with Sarah through every step of her 20-something life.  Much like myself, Sarah has endured bad roommates, tiny paychecks, horrible bosses, and sucky first dates.  And much like Solace and the City, Big Kid Problems has taught Sarah that we are all together in the struggle of navigating adulthood.  Make sure to check out The Big Kid Problems Podcast and Bottle Service, to learn more about Sarah and her journey as a soon-to-be mom!

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