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16: TORI PENTA – Wellness: Mindset or Merchandise?

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This week I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Tori Penta, a friend, colleague, and overall badass human being.  Tori is a certified life coach and works with her clients to cultivate the best practices to maintain physical and mental wellness.  I brought Tori on to help me unpack a topic that’s been on my mind for a while.  Wellness has grown from budding personal health concept to a $4.2 trillion global industry.  My question for Tori is: how can we discern fact from fiction?  At what point does the concept of wellness lose its authenticity?  If you’re interested in learning more about recent wellness trends that can actually HELP you with your daily routine, definitely tune into this episode because Tori has a ton of tips!  You can also learn more about Tori by following her on Instagram @toripenta !

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