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18: TALIA LICHTSTEIN — What If I Can’t Love Myself?

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I am fangirling this week!  I had the opportunity to virtually sit down with content creator and host of the new podcast called Bad Vibes, Talia Lichtstein!  You probably have seen some of Talia’s videos on TikTok, where she lists things that she doesn’t like or stuff that annoys her.  I have found myself gravitating towards Talia’s videos due to the relatability of her content and her unapologetic hot takes on life.  After being inspired by an episode of Euphoria, I knew she would be the perfect person to unpack a topic that I’ve long been meaning to discuss on Solace and the City: toxic positivity.  In this episode, Talia and I break down the concept of self-love, specifically in how it can be used on social media to gaslight self-conscious consumers of content.  In other words, Talia and I believe that if you are going through something difficult or you don’t feel 100% confident about yourself, that is TOTALLY normal!  Be sure to give Talia a follow @talialichtstein and make sure to check out her brand new podcast with Betches Media called Bad Vibes!

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