18: We Met At Therapy

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I cannot believe this is real life right now, because I was lucky enough to have Lindsey Metselaar as my guest on Solace and the City this week!  Not only is she a millennial dating expert, but Lindsey is also the host of the first podcast that got me hooked, We Met At Acme.  I was able to ask her all of the burning questions I had about the creation of her podcast, her support for mental health, and, of course, any advice she has on dating.  I even got to hear Lindsey’s thoughts on the polls she posts on her Instagram stories as we answered them in real time.  Finally, you get to hear me talk about how much cooler and wiser my sister Eleni is than I am!  For this reason and many more, I would advise everyone to listen to not only this episode but also every single episode of We Met At Acme.  You can also follow Lindsey and her podcast at @lindsmetz and @wemetatacme on Instagram or go to wemetatacme.com/tour to see the dates of her upcoming live shows!!

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