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19: ALEXIS HAINES — A Little Bit Alexis

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This week I am so excited to share my conversation with Alexis Haines.  Born Alexis Neiers, this former wild child grew up in the public eye and was involved in the scandal known as “The Bling Ring.”  Alexis got sober at nineteen years old after facing up to six years in the correctional system due to a burglary conviction.  As the star of the E! Reality series Pretty Wild, Alexis became a media sensation after her public meltdown became a viral meme. Her firsthand experience with substance abuse combined with the explosive effects of social media storytelling turned her rock bottom into a reinvention tour; igniting a movement to eradicate shame around the stories that inevitably save us – if we are brave enough to share them with others.  Now a mother, doula, wife, writer, and mental health advocate, Alexis knows that whatever your struggle looks like, you are worth the journey back to wholeness.  You can learn more about Alexis and her journey by following @itsalexishaines and check out her podcast “Recovering from Reality” wherever you listen to your podcasts!

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