19: What Is That One Molecule of Serotonin Really Doing?

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I was nerding out this week when I sat down with Dr. Jennifer Blaze to discuss the biological reasons behind our battles with mental health!  Dr. Blaze is currently a   Postdoctorate Fellow at Mount Sinai studying epigenitcs and teaching a seminar on this neuroscience field at Columbia University.  If you don’t know what epigenetics is, don’t worry.  Dr. Blaze explains breaks down all of the scientific terminology and explains how her studies have shown the true power of nurture over nature.  She even discusses scientifically proven ways to counteract negative experiences!  I am so excited to share this episode with everyone and am so grateful for Dr. Blaze and all of the work she has done in the mental health field!
**The content and opinions expressed by Dr. Blaze are her own and not reflective of Mount Sinai or the University of Delaware.

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