20: ANGELA AMEZCUA – Fixing Each Other’s Crowns

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This week I am SO excited to be sharing such an uplifting conversation with Angela Amezcua.  You may know Angela from ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, but she is a model and YouTuber as well!  During this episode we discuss ways to advocate for female empowerment, keep a positive mindset, and maintain self confidence! Angela also shares the ways in which she has been able to give back to others during the pandemic, despite the chaos going on around us.  Angela is such a beam of light, and I have no doubt that everyone who tunes in will feel more positive and more confident as a result.  To keep up with Angela, you can find her on Instagram at @angkay7.  Be sure to check out her YouTube channel at YouTube.com/AngelaAmezcua as well!

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