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First things first, I wanted to apologize for my two-week hiatus from posting episodes for Solace and the City. I discuss the reasons for my absence in the intro, but ultimately I can only attribute this to the difficulties of balancing a full-time job with a self-run podcast! Nevertheless, I am back with an incredible episode featuring the co-founders of Presently, Emily and Lindsay Stetzer. In this episode, I speak with Emily and Lindsay about their history dealing with OCD and how the obsessions and compulsions that they each battle differ. As someone who also suffers with OCD, I am able to share my personal experience and how it impacted my childhood and young adult life. Emily and Lindsay certainly turned lemons into lemonade by creating a jewelry company that pulls from lessons they learned from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT. You can check out their beautiful creations on and follow them on Instagram @thinkpresently. Finally, I mention a YouTube video towards the end of the episode that had a major impact on my own personal growth. If you are up for a cry session, check out this video:

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