20: Wednesdays Are the Worst Days of My Life

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This week I sat down with the incredibly talented singer and songwriter, Noah Kahan!  Not only does Noah have the voice of an absolute angel (queue Hurt Somebody on Spotify) but he also had myself and @ali.puccio in hysteric bits of laughter for the entire hour of recording.  Noah walked through his rise to stardom, from emo talent shows as an eight year old to LA record deals with Drake’s agent at age seventeen.  Despite this launch into fame, Noah is still the most humble person who also fights battles with his mental health.  However, Noah is able to share his struggles through his music, connecting with listeners all across the globe.  Recording this episode with Noah will absolutely go down as one of the best days of my life.  Make sure to listen to its entirety, because there is an EXCLUSIVE SURPRISE at the end!  

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