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Finding comfort in the chaos

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Skyline of New York City

24: Finding Solace in Hell

By far and away the biggest highlight of my week was recording with comedian, Bravo TV star, and podcast legend, Hannah Berner (@beingbernz)!  For those of you who don’t know

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23: Mental Nourishment

Three weeks before social distancing, I sat down with Liz Gunner and Laura Farrell, who are hosts of a new podcast called The Real Dietitians of New York City!  (They

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23: Pandemic Panic

This week, I took a 45 minute break from social distancing to sit down with my incredibly smart, kind, and beautiful friend Rienna Russo!  In addition to sharing my Johns

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21: Love Is Blind… For Now

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brandon Berman, the host of the popular New York City dating show UpDating!  He explains what UpDating is, the qualities

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