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47: Zoediac Signs

It’s Virgo season so you know what that means!  I finally was able to speak with an astrologer to learn more about my own chart and, let me tell you,

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Your Vote Matters

Emma Kami As we’ve seen in the past few months, America’s healthcare system is disorganized and  ill-equipped to handle national health crises. When it comes to mental health, the United

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45: Zoe Solo Episode #1

Surprise! I decided to release a BONUS episode to give you guys a bit of insight into my life! I’m sure that over the past few months you’ve come to

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44: Investment Baking

This week I was lucky enough to speak with one of my favorite podcast hosts and bloggers, Cameron Rogers!  Cameron is the founder of the Freckled Foodie account on Instagram,

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43: All Black Lives Matter

I am humbled to be sharing my conversation with actress, model, and transgender activist, Angelica Torres.  Angelica stars in Season Two of Pose (an absolutely amazing show), but I first

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