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Finding comfort in the chaos

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11: Reasons for Living

This week I have a pretty unconventional episode for you all. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I first wanted to talk about a few of the things that I am

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10: Help Me Help You

This week I brought back on my incredible friend Liz Gunner to discuss how to approach conversations about depression, whether it be a conversation we are having with ourselves or

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9: OLIVIA LUBARSKY on Mental Gymnastics

This week I sat down with the absolutely INCREDIBLE Olivia Lubarsky, a former D1 gymnast at Towson University and mental health advocate!  During her four years at Towson University, Olivia

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7: MIA DAVIS on Low Libidos and DAPs

This week I brought on Mia Davis to talk about sex! Mia is the founder of Tabú Wellness, an expert-driven community for shame-free conversations about all things related to sex,

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