21: Hilary Weinstein – We Can Do Hard Things

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If there is one episode of Solace and the City that you should listen to, it’s this one.  I am both nervous and excited to be sharing my conversation with Hilary Weinstein, an incredible friend and psychotherapist who has helped me persevere through a very rough patch in my life.  As a psychotherapist, Hilary works to meet the needs of those suffering from all sorts of mental health difficulties. Because of her own history battling anxiety, depression, and a terrible eating disorder, Hilary is able to offer a unique sense of relatability. In this episode, Hilary and I unpack our histories battling mental illnesses and debate whether the pursuit of a profession in psychotherapy is a “selfish” endeavor. To learn more about Hilary and her practice, follow @hlwtherapy on Instagram and go to www.hlwtherapy.com!

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