21: NANCY RUTH DEAN – You Should Go And Love Yourself

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This week I am so excited to share my conversation with Nancy Ruth Dean!  Nancy has been in the relationship industry for 6 years, and got her start working as a professional matchmaker. It was there that she learned the personal stories of people trying to find love. What she learned was that most of the people she met hadn’t fully gotten over their ex.  Meanwhile, she was going through her own breakup and trying to figure out what the secret sauce was to getting over it. Through the same guidance she gives her clients today, she ended up meeting her fiancé in that process and was called to start a coaching practice that would help her clients fully embrace this new chapter and embrace the opportunity of a lifetime to get to know themselves in the deepest way possible.  
In this episode, Nancy and I discuss the ups and downs of navigating a breakup, specifically in the midst of a global pandemic that has caused so many to fear being alone.  We flip the narrative and walk through all of the many reasons why this is the perfect time to work on your relationship with yourself!  To learn more about Nancy, you can go to hellobreakup.com!  

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