22: Will You Accept These Instagram Followers?

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This week on the most dramatic episode ever of Solace and the City, I sat down with Lacey Mark @laceymmark from Bachelor Nation!  As a longtime fan of the Bachelor franchise, I was so excited to get the inside scoop of what it’s like being in the world of Chris Harrison.  Lacey goes through her whole experience, which started out as a joke application with her friends and turned into a tumultuous relationship with a Canadian while living in Mexico.  We also talked about the slow degeneration of the Bachelor and why the show is currently setting a bad example for young women today.  I am so ecstatic to be sharing this episode with you all on the same day as the Bachelor finale, and I hope you all enjoy!  Stay tuned for the end of the episode if you want to hear me talk about my own life and some exciting things happening with Solace and the City!!

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