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23: GIGI ROBINSON – Sports (Chronically) Ill-ustrated

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This week I had the honor of speaking with Gigi Robinson, a digital artist, health & wellness advocate, current M.S. Candidate at the University of Southern California, and the first Sports Illustrated Model who openly battles a chronic illness.  In this episode, I speak with Gigi about the work ethic, ambition, and tenacity that helped her transition her photography skills into those that create an impact through storytelling.  Part of Gigi’s story includes a chronic illness that she was diagnosed with at age 11.  Gigi suffers with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos, which causes her to have extreme pain and extreme fatigue. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is a group of hereditary disorders that affect the body’s connective tissues, like skin, joints, and blood-vessel walls. EDS can cause chronic pain, injury susceptibility, and slow healing, among other symptoms. 
Despite all of the physical and psychological challenges that threatened the path to becoming who she is today, Gigi has challenged adversity and dedicated a majority of her life to become a master content creator, always keeping her values of creating positive and impactful messages to my diverse audience as a priority.  You can follow Gigi on Instagram and TikTok @itsgigirobinson and check out her new podcast on Spotify called “Everything You Need is Within”!

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