23: Pandemic Panic

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This week, I took a 45 minute break from social distancing to sit down with my incredibly smart, kind, and beautiful friend Rienna Russo!  In addition to sharing my Johns Hopkins social experience, Rienna studied Public Health and Cognitive Science and got her Masters Degree in Infectious Diseases.  It’s safe to say that now is a very crazy time for her!  I wanted to bring Rienna onto the podcast to explain what exactly is going on in the world and how it is affecting our mental health.  With the help of Rienna, I used this episode as a way to separate fact from fiction, provide some advice, and hopefully qualm some fears.  This is a terrifying and unprecedented time for our society, and I can barely wrap my head around my own current situation.  That being said, I created this podcast to shed light on a shared loneliness.  I thus wanted this episode to shed light on the fear we are all feeling, and I hope it brings some sort of comfort knowing we are together in our uncertainty.

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