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25: NATALIA OCHOA – Spoiler: We’re All Psychic

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This week I have a very special episode for you all! I sat down with Natalia Ochoa, a Psychic Medium and spiritual mentor, who talked about her profession and even gave me a reading at the end! Through her infinite curiosity in metaphysics, Natalia trained to develop her Psychic and Healing abilities to be able to bring a spiritual and heart-centered spin to media and business. Now she works with clients and companies to strengthen their intuitive power through metaphysical practices like psychic channeling, astrology, hypnotherapy, feminine embodiment and somatic therapy. Natalia’s main mission is to to demystify spirituality and guide you towards your empowerment, intuition and self mastery. Natalia began her professional career as an actress and evolved into a seasoned activist and intuitive healer. Through her work, she has lead people to create conscious and transformative change.

This was by far one of the most interesting and unique conversations I have had on Solace and the City, and I am so excited to be sharing it with you all today! To learn more about Natalia, you can check her out on Instagram at @natalia.ochoa_ or visit her website

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