26: Let’s Get Metaphysical

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This week, I’m sharing a conversation I had a few weeks ago with my incredibly talented friend, Jesse Shuman!  As a fellow Johns Hopkins alum, Jesse  reflects on his own undergraduate experience and shares what it was like being an English major at a school known for medicine.  In New York, Jesse works as an Editorial Assistant for Penguin Random House and reads hundreds of submissions a week!  On this episode, he talks about the incredible power that literature has to hone in on human nature and teach us things about ourselves and our world.  Specifically, fiction allows us to suspend our belief as we read something we know is false but still leave with tangible truths.  I had an absolute BLAST talking with Jesse, and I really think you all will enjoy this episode as much as I do!  If you so desire, you can follow Jesse’s aesthetically pleasing Instagram page @jesseshu!  

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