27: JARRETT ROSE – Kurt Cobain, Donald Trump, and Shrooms

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The title says it all.  My conversation with Jarrett for this week’s episode was absolutely incredible, and we touched on almost every topic imaginable in the worlds of sociology and mental health.  Jarrett is a PhD. Candidate at York University in Toronto studying sociology.  His research specifically focuses on the ways in which psychedelics can alleviate mental distress.  (Yes, we are having another episode about research on psilocybin mushrooms!)  However, before launching into this specific area of research, Jarrett focused more on the social determinants of health and wellness.  After graduating from his Master’s Program in San Diego, he even spent time working in a Trauma Reduction ward at a Juvenile Detention facility.  I am so honored to have had the chance to speak with Jarrett about his incredible life, and I have no doubt that everyone who tunes in will feel 10x smarter after listening!

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