27: Who Really Peaks in High School?

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This week I’m sharing my conversation with Celeste O’Connor, a Hopkins friend and incredibly talented young actor!  With the release of her first major film Selah and the Spades on our minds, we take a trip back to high school and talk about the obstacles we faced as young women to define and qccept our identities.  Celeste opens up about the pressure she felt to fit in at her homogenous, all-girls preparatory school.  After being discovered as an actor, she began to meet other strong women of color who became friends, mentors, and inspirational figures in her life.  Celeste then explains how she uses her platform to spread awareness about the causes she cares about and show young women that what’s different makes you beautiful.  I had such an amazing time speaking with Celeste and cannot recommend Selah and the Spades enough!  You can watch it now on Amazon Prime to see for yourself.

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