28: CHELSEA QUINT – Survivor Stories Part 1

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April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so for the next four Mondays I will be sharing stories with survivors of abuse.  This week, I had the incredible opportunity to record with Chelsea Quint, Trauma-Informed Business Coach and Co-Chair of Exhale to Inhale.  In our conversation, she walks me through her life which was littered with various forms of sexual assault and explains how she ultimately was able to begin crawling out of a dark place.  Because of the incredibly positive impact that yoga had on her life, Chelsea became a certified yoga instructor and now works closely with ETI to help others see the transformative power of yoga for the mind and body.  To learn more about Chelsea and her practice, you can visit http://chelseaquint.com/ or follow her on Instagram at @chelsea.quint.

CW: In this episode, Chelsea and I discuss topics that can be sensitive and triggering for some, including sexual assault and suicide.  If you or someone you love has experienced any sort of sexual violence, visit www.rainn.org for resources or call 1-800-656-4673 to talk to someone who can help.

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