33: Campaigning with Compassion

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Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Today I am SO excited to share my conversation with Lindsey Boylan, a Democrat running against Jerrold Nadler for Congress in NY’s 10th District.  Lindsey served as Deputy Secretary of Economic Development, appointed by Governor Cuomo. In that role, she oversaw The Office of Storm Recovery where she led disaster relief efforts for NewYork in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. She was also responsible for the housing portfolio where she secured hundreds of millions of dollars for public housing.  Lindsey has a series of plans to help New York, and the nation, through this public health crisis and deal with the aftermath.  She also is a HUGE mental health advocate!  In this episode, Lindsey shares why mental health is such a large part of her platform and why it is so personal to her.  Ultimately, mental health has no party and it doesn’t discriminate on race, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, etc.  For this reason, I think that anyone will benefit from listening to my conversation with Lindsey.  If you want to learn more about her campaign, you can visit https://lindseyboylan.com/

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