34: A Star Is Born (On Tik Tok)

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This week I am SO excited to share an episode with the youngest guest yet!  Caroline Bourke is an incredibly gifted actor, singer, and impressionist.  All of this talent has launched her into Tik Tok stardom, reigniting her passion for comedy and capturing the attention of The Today Show!  Caroline and I discuss the effect of social media on mental health and how, ironically, Tik Tok seems to have defied the false reality portrayed on other platforms.  Caroline also talks about how she deals with negative comments on her videos and the difficulty of not taking these words to heart.  Finally, Caroline shares some of her incredible celebrity impersonations of iconic figures like Kristin Wigg, Elle Woods, Carole Baskin, and more!  You can tune into Caroline’s Tik Tok journey by following @carrottlime and catch her on Instagram @carolinebourke!

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