34: KAT ZEMPOLICH – The Mental Matchup

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This week I have the pleasure or sharing my conversation with Kat Zempolich, co-founder of Morgan’s Message, a non-profit organization striving to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health within the student-athlete community and equalize the treatment of physical and mental health in athletics. Much like Solace and the City, Morgan’s Message aims to expand the dialogue on mental health by normalizing conversations, empowering those who suffer in silence, and supporting those who feel alone. In this episode, Kat talks about her personal journey battling depression as well as the incredibly moving story behind Morgan’s Message. You can learn more about Kat and Morgan’s Message by tuning into a podcast she hosts with Schuyler Debree, The Matchup. These two incredible women created the platform to share stories illustrating that no one is truly ever alone in their struggles is empowering. Kat hopes that The Mental Matchup will serve as a safe space for any human to share their stories, so we can continue to de-stigmatize, normalize and illuminate the truths surrounding mental health and wellness.

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