35: And How Does That Make You Feel?

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This week I sat down with Dr. Daryl Appleton, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Fortune 500 Executive Coach!  I have been wanting to bring on a professional therapist as a guest for so long, and I truly feel that I hit the jackpot when I got connected with Dr. Appleton.  We talked about how her interest in crime shows spiked her interest in mental health and eventually led her to starting a private practice where she offers counseling to a variety of clients, from twenty-somethings to CEOs!  Dr. Appleton also gives a strong case for why everyone should go to therapy, something I have been advocating for SO long!  
If this conversation spikes your interest in getting started seeing a counselor, you can get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp by going to trybetterhelp.com/zoe.  Can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts!

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