35: SCHUYLER DEBREE – Sunrise Schuy

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Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Today I am so excited to be sharing my conversation with Schuyler DeBree, professional soccer player and co-host of The Mental Matchup podcast! Schuyler is from the town right next to mine, Fair Haven, NJ, and was a star athlete from the earliest age. She played on the Women’s Soccer Team at Duke University and graduated as ACC Defensive Player of the Year, an All-American and an Academic All-American. She was drafted 11th overall to the Washington Spirit, and spent a month there before deciding to take an opportunity to play in the Czech Republic with AC Sparta. After returning to the United States, Schuyler’s mental health took a turn for the worst. In this episode, Schuyler talks about her battle with severe depression and suicide ideation and how she ultimately turned her life around and became involved in mental health advocacy. Now she takes care of her mental health by surfing, skateboarding, playing pick-up soccer, meditating, doing yoga, and creating art. In Schuyler’s words, “To anyone who is struggling to stay – my heart hurts for you, but I love you, and I promise it will get better. Hold tight and please let me know if I can help. I hope that my story is evidence that the darkest nights do eventually lead to a glorious sunrise.” You can follow Schuyler’s journey on Instagram @schuylerdebree and check out her website https://www.schuylerdebree.com/

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