37: The Most Dramatic Episode Ever

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This week I am SO excited to share my episode with Connor Saeli from Season 15 of The Bachelorette!  I have always been fascinated by the psychological aspect behind reality TV, specifically The Bachelor franchise.  It’s thus safe to say that I was pretty pumped to speak with Connor!  We talk about his journey on Hannah Brown’s season as well as his brief time on the spinoff show, Bachelor in Paradise.  We also discuss how the show is much like a psychological study done by Dr. Arthur Aron at SUNY Stony Brook, which I’ve linked below for my fellow sociology nerds.  Finally, Connor explains ways he’s managed to stay positive during difficult points of his life and offers advice to those who may be struggling.  To keep up with Connor, you can follow him at @consaelaway and check out his new business @saelwellness!   

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