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This week I am so excited to share my conversation with Madison Eshelman, an amazing friend and founder of Grief and Groundwork! Grief and Groundwork is a grief, depression, and anxiety coaching and support program. Madison supports individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, and grief to achieve self-understanding, empowerment, and healing using what she calls Intuitive Feeling Practice. Madison coaches from the belief that under depression and anxiety is our unprocessed grief. Her coaching programs offer guidance on how we can properly grieve and find some sense of relief. With the right tools, Madison believes that we can make our anxiety, depression and grief more manageable. In this episode, Madison and I discuss the story behind Grief and Groundwork and the tools that Madison uses to help others process trauma that they have experiences in their lives. To learn more about Madison and her work, visit madisonshea.com or follow @griefandgroundwork on Instagram!

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