39: Mental Wealth

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I had such an incredible conversation with Natasha Tiwari that I am humbled to be sharing with you all!  Natasha Tiwari is an award winning Psychologist, Entrepreneur, Mentor Investor.  She is also a licensed yoga teacher and psychotherapist, and she combines her command of strategy with he knowledge of neuroscience, the unconscious mind and ancient wisdom both with private clients, and to propel her own entrepreneurial successes, and the successes of those who she counsels and mentors.  She has been featured by BBC World, Glamour, GQ, Marie Claire, The Telegraph, The Guardian, London’s Evening Standard, Huffington Post, and others.  I felt incredibly empowered after speaking with Natasha, and I think that every single listener will take something from this episode.  You can learn more about Natasha by following her on Instagram @iamnatashat and by visiting her website natashatiwari.co.uk,

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