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4: ALLY MCILWRAITH – Sobriety Gives So Much More Than It Takes

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When I first started my sobriety journey, I spent hours scrolling through TikTok to not only search for potential guests, but also to find a sober community that I could lean on in the inevitable tough times that I would face down the road. And then I came across Ally, this beautiful, radiant, successful woman exuding a sense of confidence a self-assurance that I was striving to emulate. At the time, Ally only had one video on TikTok where she talked about her sobriety. However, because she spent the entire 3-minutes talking about all that was to be gained through sobriety rather than what would be lost, Ally was the inspiration I needed to jump into my new life without alcohol. 
Without a doubt, my interview with Ally was one of my favorites to date. She shed light on all of the benefits of being sober, the ways in which the binge drinking culture has become so normalized in our society, and how removing alcohol from first dates has made dating so much more productive. (Don’t worry — we’ll talk more about sober dating in episodes to come). I encourage everyone who has ever wanted to reevaluate their relationship with alcohol to listen to this episode. I promise you will NOT be disappointed! 

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