4: VANESSA GRIMALDI on Man-ifestation and Bachelor Nation

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I recorded this episode with Vanessa Grimaldi — a.k.a the WINNER of Season 16 of The Bachelor, a.k.a the most beautiful person to ever walk up the steps of the Bachelor mansion, a.k.a. my girl crush — and I couldn’t be MORE excited to share our conversation with you all!  Vanessa explains how she got onto the Bachelor to begin with, despite having never owned a television set and not seeing a single episode prior to her own reality TV show experience.  We then talk about her experience on the show, during which she stole the heart of Nick Viall and ultimately got the big proposal at the end!  Despite her relationship not working out, Vanessa explains how grateful she is for the franchise, because it opened her eyes to, what else, but THERAPY and ultimately led her to some amazing friendships as well!  Vanessa is just as beautiful inside as she is for the common eye, and she recently left her job to pursue her dream of starting non-profit for children with disabilities called No Better You. You can follow Vanessa on Instagram @vanessagrimaldi30 and donate to her NGO @nobetteryou!

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