40: Mental Muscle

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This week I’m sharing my conversation with the Founder and CEO of Inception, a dynamic new approach to mind and body wellness.  Inception is a mental health gym that’s changing the ways we think about exercise and emphasizing the irrefutable connection between physical and mental well-being.  During this episode, David talks to me about the story behind Inception and the various over avenues he explore before its launch.  Some of the technologies they employ are:

Flotation Therapy, a zero-gravity experience that enables the mind and body to experience thorough rest and relaxation
NeurOptimal Brain Training an advanced neuro-feedback system that works with your brain in real time
Magnesphere™ System that achieves profound relaxation through extremely low-level electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Don’t worry!  David breaks down what each of these means.  I really think you all will enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it!  You can learn more about David by following him @mrdavidmccullar and check out the Inception website at: http://inceptionep.com/

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