42: Just Another Manic Monday

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Kanye West. Mariah Carey. Demi Lovato. Robin Williams. Russell Brand. Frank Sinatra. — What do all of these incredibly talented celebrities have in common?  They all have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  With the recent news of Kanye West’s tweets, I wanted to sit down with my friend Caroline Moley to learn more about this extremely stigmatized mental illness that is so prevalent in our society and pop culture.  Caroline goes into detail about what manic and depressive episodes look and feel like for her and sheds light on other nuances of the condition.  We spend quite some time thinking about the extent to which our personalities are defined by our mental illnesses.  Is being manic depressive in fact a double-edged sword?  Finally, we discuss how humor can be used as a coping mechanism for internal battles.
My conversation with Caroline was truly enlightening, and I think everyone will take something from this episode.  You can also follow Caroline on Instagram at @treaturselfcaroline, and check out her meme page at @triggerwarningqueenmemes!

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