43: All Black Lives Matter

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I am humbled to be sharing my conversation with actress, model, and transgender activist, Angelica Torres.  Angelica stars in Season Two of Pose (an absolutely amazing show), but I first heard her speak on a panel hosted by The Grapevine.  I was so inspired by her kindness and eloquence that I took a chance and asked if she would speak on the Solace and the City.  Safe to say I was through the moon when she agreed to share her story with my listeners!  Angelica and I spoke about the abuse she experienced during her childhood and the moment she experienced gender euphoria.  She then sheds light on how the misrepresentation of trans people in media has perpetrated a misogynistic and transphobic society.  This is one of many reasons that there hasn’t been a week in 2020 where a trans person has NOT been murdered.  Angelica is so amazing, and I want to be sure to share numerous ways you can support her and causes she cares about.
Venmo: @angelicactorres
Instagram: @angelicactorres
Resources: https://www.aliforneycenter.org/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyJn5BRDrARIsADZ9ykFecr62xe4DhPT14jS0zsr6DfJC5hT1N6vROE50qaEHD7XAlxS5rNUaAqdFEALw_wcB

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