44: Investment Baking

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This week I was lucky enough to speak with one of my favorite podcast hosts and bloggers, Cameron Rogers!  Cameron is the founder of the Freckled Foodie account on Instagram, where she works to promote a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.  After working at an intense Investment Banking job for five years, Cameron decided to focus on her passion and make Freckled Foodie a full-time job.  We talked about this professional transition as well the payoff of pursuing your dream!  In addition to sharing a lifestyle of finance coupled with side hustles, Cameron also battled an unhealthy relationship with food.  We talked about how she navigated this time in her life and ultimately used her story to ensure other young women that food is freedom.  I absolutely loved talking to Cameron, and I encourage everyone to follow @freckledfoodie on Instagram and tune into the podcast Freckled Foodie and Friends!

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