47: Zoediac Signs

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It’s Virgo season so you know what that means!  I finally was able to speak with an astrologer to learn more about my own chart and, let me tell you, it was worth the wait.  I was lucky enough to speak with none other than Colin Bedell, the co-founder of Queer Cosmos who was featured in my favorite New Yorker article about, you guessed it, astrology!  Colin and I talk about the fascinating statistics which show how interest in astrology escalates in times of uncertainty.  He also helps me discover that my co-star has been lying to me, because I apparently do not know what year I was born in!  Even if you are not as astrology-obsessed as I am, I know you will find this episode with Colin so interesting.  You can also follow Colin on Instagram at @QueerCosmos for more information on the Zodiac signs! 

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