5: Hot Girls Hot Takes: Why Do Guys Date Crazy Women?

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Welcome to the new spinoff series from Solace and the City and The Real Dietitians of New York City called Hot Girls Hot Takes!  Each week, Liz Gunner and I will focus on a topic related to mental health and/or body image.  After sharing our own thoughts on the episode theme, we will then call in some male experts (a.k.a. our guy friends and Hinge matches) to get an opinion from the opposite sex.  During this week’s episode, Liz and I explore the male tendencies to gravitate towards toxic relationships in which their female partner is possessive or controlling.  You will hear thoughts from our friends (and Hinge matches) as well as some lightly-heated debates.  In addition to talking about the psychology behind these types of relationships, Liz and I also discuss the importance of confidence and self-love, both of which are qualities that our male guests find to be extremely sexy!
**PSA: I recognize that the implications of these questions can come off as heteronormative of imply that men’s preferences in a woman are “black & white.”  I also realize that cis-men are not the ones who are in need of any additional platforms to express their opinions. Going forward, I plan on getting the opinions of those who are gender non-binary as well as friends who have a sexual orientations that differ from my own.  Unfortunately, as a cis-woman, the only Hinge matches who i can call on-demand are heterosexual cis-men!!!

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