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6: JON BIRGER – All The Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up And Listen To This Episode!

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This week I feel incredibly privileged to share my conversation with bestselling author and financial editor of NBC’s Today Show, Jon Birger!  Anyone who knows me personally can tell you that I am an avid listener of dating podcasts such as We Met At Acme.  However, I have always found the guidance to “ignore the guy in order to get the guy” to be quite perplexing and, from my own experience, fruitless.  So when I heard about Jon’s recent book Make Your Move, I was so excited to hear a new perspective on dating in the 21st Century.  After devouring his novel in less than two days, I found solace in the fact that heterosexual single women like myself were not doomed to live a life alone nor subject to waiting around for a partner.  I thus reached out to see if Jon would speak on Solace and the City to inspire other single listeners on how they can take the reigns when navigating the dating world.  I am SO excited to share our conversation and encourage you all to check out Jon’s book(s) by visiting!!
Here’s a little bit more about Jon’s new book, Make Your Move, for anyone interested in buying a copy: “Apps have transformed dating from a mysterious adventure into a daily chore. Young, single, college-educated women are sick and tired of competing for a shrinking supply of guys. And marriage-material men, long expected to take the lead when it comes to asking women out, are suddenly balking at making the first move, fearing they’ll come across as creepy or inappropriate.
Society is changing, which means it’s time for dating to evolve. Millennial and Gen Z women are more than capable of seeking out what—and who—they want. They’re standouts in the classroom and champions on the playing fields. They’re leaders in the workplace and trailblazers in city halls, state houses, and Congress. So why would we tell a generation of badass women that they’re not allowed to be bold when it comes to finding love? Why should they have to sit back and wait (and wait and wait) for men to find them?”

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