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7: CANDY WASHINGTON – How To Recover from Codependency

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This week I am so excited to be sharing my conversation with Candy Washington — a writer, podcast host, actor, influencer, and the founder of 1214 Media Productions.  In this episode, we about codependency and the ways in which it manifests in all different types of relationships.  Candy provides thoughtful insights on how to recover from codependency based on her own experience as well as from the research she conducted on the topic for her latest novel, Triggered.  Candy is also the executive producer, writer, and lead actress of Narcissist, a psychological thriller that’s available on Amazon Prime Video and SofyTV.  She shares the inspiration behind this short film and shares why all of us should hold ourselves accountable for the content we share and curate when utilizing social media.  To learn more about Candy, you can visit and follow her @candywashington on Instagram!

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