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8: CARL RADKE – Alcohol’s Leading Role in Reality Television

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I am officially 50 days sober! And what better way to celebrate than by releasing a new episode with Carl Radke from Bravo’s Summer House! 
Summer House is a reality show featuring about ten professionals in their twenties and thirties who work in Manhattan and spend their summer weekends in a share house in Montauk. The show centers around the drama that inevitably unfolds over the course of the summer and the season. Carl has been a member of the cast since its 2017 inception, and the world has watched him go through numerous ups and downs. Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking of these intimate moments occurred in Season 6, when Carl discovered that his older brother had passed away from an overdose after a long battle with addiction and mental illness. The death of Carl’s brother was a major reason why the reality TV star decided to reexamine his own drinking habits and eventually cut alcohol out of his life for good.
In this episode, I speak to Carl about his experience becoming sober after enduring such a tragedy. We also dive into other topics, including the invaluable role that alcohol plays in reality television. Be sure to listen to our conversation and then watch the newest episode of Summer House tonight at 9:00 PM EST. You can also follow Carl on Instagram @carlradke. 

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