9: OLIVIA LUBARSKY on Mental Gymnastics

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This week I sat down with the absolutely INCREDIBLE Olivia Lubarsky, a former D1 gymnast at Towson University and mental health advocate!  During her four years at Towson University, Olivia did everything she could to bring awareness to the mental and emotional issues that face athletes.  As a gymnast, she was constantly striving to achieve a form of perfection that was impossible to obtain by the very nature of the sport.  After addressing her depression and performance anxiety, Olivia founded the “Own Your Roar” initiative, an awareness campaign that brings light to mental health issues that affect student-athletes.  I am so honored to be sharing the amazing conversation I had with Olivia, and cannot express how much admiration and appreciation I have for this girl.  She’s an absolute rockstar who you should follow on Instagram at @olivialubarsky! 

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