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I have SUCH an exciting episode for you guys!  This week I spoke with Chris Roth, Brendan Rogers, and Ken Wright, the team behind the AWESOME direct-to-consumer CBD brand Highline Wellness!  In the episode, Chris discusses how he decided to leave the corporate world and pursue his dream of starting his own company.  As the CFO, Brendan explains why he had no hesitations believing in Chris’s vision of the company and quickly joined the team as CFO.  Ken may have been a little hesitant to make the switch to a startup at first, but he talks about how he’s never looked back.  At a time where demand has been higher than ever, the Highline team also explains how they are rising to the occasion and adding new elements to their product suite such as CBD Hand Sanitizer, which is sold at cost!    had already been using their CBD Gummies to help maintain a sleep schedule during this crazy pandemic, so having the opportunity to talk to the people who created this miracle product was a dream!  You can learn more about Highline Wellness by going to their website and using my code ZOE20 to get 20% off your order at checkout!  

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